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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for the course and exam?

We charge $160.00 for the Ontario Hunter Education Course including the exam and student manual for the course.

(The above fee is reduced by the $50.00 deposit charged to register making it $110.00 for the OHEP course. The balance, cash only, is due on the first day of the course.)

Can I get the student manual electronically?

No. The books are ordered for the class and included in the course costs. One will be supplied on the first day of the course.

How do I register for a course?

To take the Hunter Education Course the person must register prior to the course. To register the person can register online or contact Mr. Bill Rudderham of the Avonmore Training Facility at 343-260-9499 and supply a deposit of $50.00 along with their name and phone number. This $50.00 deposit can be in person with cash, or online with Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Once the deposit is received the person is placed on the class list for the course date they have selected.

Note: Be sure that you want the course and the date you have chosen. Once the deposit has been paid and the course date selected there will be NO refund of the deposit or rescheduling of course. 

Note: A course will only be held if there are a minimum of 5 people registered. If less than 5 the deposits will be returned or an alternate date agreed upon.

The remainder of the course fee is payable by cash only on the first day of the course.

Is a Hunter Education Course in Ontario the same as the Canadian Firearms Safety Course?

No. The Ontario Hunter Education Course is a provincial course which a person must take and then pass the written test to be eligible to obtain an Ontario Outdoors Card. The Ontario Outdoors Card allows a person to purchase a resident hunting license in Ontario for archery only. (To hunt with a firearm you must prove to the Ministry of Natural Resources you passed the CFSC test as well as the Hunter Education test.) 

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course is a federal course. You must pass the CFSC test to be able to obtain a Possession and Acquisition licence for non-restricted firearms.

Do I need the to take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and pass the exam to hunt in Ontario?

No. A person can hunt in Ontario, for certain wildlife, without a posessing a valid Firearms License  however only with archery equipment during the respective archery season. The Firearms License is required for the possession of firearms used while hunting.

Can I take the Hunting test without taking the course?

No. You must take the Hunter Education Course and can not just challenge the test.

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Can I take the CFSC or CRFSC course elsewhere?

Yes.  We recommend a local instructor in Winchester, Ontario. Go to www.ottawahunting.com for more details and to register for one of his courses. 

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