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CFSC/CRFSC and Hunter Education Course re-examinations:

If you decide that you have the necessary knowledge to be retested you must prepay for the test in advance by paying in cash in person or clicking on the button below and paying using Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.  You will then contact the examiner at 873-688-3460 to schedule a test date. (You must contact the examiner because he has no phone number to contact you.) You must attend the time and date agreed upon. There will be no refund or rescheduling for missed testing appointments. Make sure you bring your identification as shown in the course and your Hunter Education Course Report (if that is why you are being retested).

Canadian Firearms Safety Course or Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course Challenges

First time firearms license applicants may not challenge the CFSC Test nor the CRFSC Test. Note that if you are under 18 years old you can only take the CRFSC for educational purposes only and must retake it when you are over 18. Note also that if you are under 16 you must take the CFS Course.

Ontario Hunter Education Challenges:

A person who moves to Ontario does not need to challenge the Ontario Hunter Education test. They must take their out of province outdoor card to a participating Service Ontario Center to have it replaced. If they do not have an outdoor card issued elsewhere they must take the Ontario Hunter Education Course after fulfilling the 6 month residency requirement.

Hunter Education Re-test - $50

CFSC/PAL Re-test - $60



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